Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Watch Green Lantern Online Free

Watch Green Lantern Online - Have you guys imagined to be the savior of the entire universe? Well, of course, most of you will answer yes, and even me, I have the same answer for each of us dreamt of being a superhero. In this vast universe, it was really hard to made an identity especially to be recognize by everyone. But a simple young man who was given a responsibility to save the world and maintain the balance of power in the universe attempt to create his identity. I was talking about Hal Jordan, a human who was choosen to save the Earth and the entire Universe against a rising power of evil forces lead by a creature called Parallax. This characters and creatures that I was telling you guys, were part of the upcoming movie from the Warner Bros. Green Lantern. On which, it is based on the DC comics, and it stars hunky actor Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. To watch Green Lantern this coming June 17, 2011 is the best way to witness a new creation from Martin Campbell.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ryan Reynolds goes 'Green'

Watch Green Lantern Online - No oversized baseball mitts.

That was one of the simple rules visual effects supervisor Jim Berney made to ensure that Friday’s “Green Lantern” stays as grounded as possible. Granted it’s about a test pilot (Ryan Reynolds) who is given a powerful ring and drafted into a corps of space policemen, so “grounded” is relative, but director Martin Campbell and the effects team wanted to make sure the film didn’t appear totally silly, despite its Silver Age comic roots.
The DC Comics character, especially in its early days in the 1960s, would seem corny by today’s standards. His ring has the power to create energy “constructs” of whatever is in the Lantern’s mind, so the hero would conjure a giant green mousetrap, a supersized green boxing glove or, yes, a giant green catcher’s mitt to thwart criminals.

“I figured out playing with the scale was a no-no,” Berney says. “As soon as you had something that was small and it was made big on the screen, it started to look goofy. A big glove worked in the comic book, but not on the screen. We tried to keep things in real-world scale. When he creates a flamethrower, it’s the size of a flamethrower.”

Another element that could have derailed the movie’s tone was the hero’s costume. Spandex tights run the serious risk of looking ridiculous on-screen, so the filmmakers opted to make Reynolds tight-fitting costume completely computer-generated — a first in the superhero genre.

Green Lantern is on Fire

Watch Green Lantern Online - We're getting near to the peak of the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. which is the Green Lantern as we are geetting closer to its release date. Yeah, we are near, if you happen to take a glimpse on your calendar, we are already in the third week of June, time is running so fast and coming this Friday, it's the big wave, the man of that green suit will cast a magic and spell on our imagination. I know that some of you were excited, and I have heard all over the news and read from some articles on the internet that Green Lantern is one of the most anticipated movie of the year. And I just can't stop myself from thinking that I should not miss any single scene from it.

Well, of course, one of the main ingredient in this film is the handsome and hunky actor Ryan Reynolds, for whom, many fans of him will surely watch this one. Yet, the film has the motiff of green all I can say is that it is burning and ready to ignite a fire anytime on the deep heart of every viewers. The color of green is really cool, but we should not forget in our minds that the genre of this film is action, adventure and about a superhero, therefore we could expect for a burning action scenes from this film. It is undeniable that the charismatic charm of Ryan Reynolds is already a big aspect of the popularity of the film as well as that it is adapted from DC Comic character. Plus, the entire cast is composed of powerhouse of talents that we cannot deny, that they were really great in the field of movie industry.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Green Lantern' is big business for Warner Bros. and for the Louisiana film industry

HOLLYWOOD -- Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were arguing.

Ryan Reynolds stars as the title character in 'Green Lantern,' Warner Bros.' big-budget superhero film that shot in New Orleans last year.
The actors, stars of the New Orleans-shot superhero spectacle "Green Lantern," were at the Beverly Hilton to meet the Hollywood press corps, and they couldn't resist a chance to spar playfully.
The issue on the table: Who had the better trailer during the film's extended local shoot last summer?
"I had the party trailer," Reynolds said. "We called it the Earthman Café."
"Oh, please! I had a yellow brick road painted out in front of mine and ruby slippers underneath," Lively shot back.
"It was a Barbie Dream House," Reynolds said dismissively. "... I had cocktails."
Argument over, if not necessarily settled.
It was good-natured exchange, offering a snapshot of life on the film's collegial set -- a vibe apparently helped considerably by Reynolds' class-clown tendencies, on full display during the film's press push earlier this week. But regardless of how much fun they had during the shoot, or how many Sazeracs Reynolds might have served up at the Earthman Café, make no mistake: "Green Lantern," which opens in theaters Thursday at midnight, is big business, both for Warner Bros. -- the studio behind the film -- and for Louisiana's film industry.
For its part, the studio has shelled out in the neighborhood of $150 million on what it hopes will be Hollywood's next big superhero franchise, and the film on which the first part of its summer movie season is hinged. ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" lands next month, the second part of the studio's impressive one-two punch.)


Watch Green Lantern Online - The media push for the “Green Lantern” movie has been extremely aggressive of late, so it only seems right that DC would join in that promotion. This week gives the Green Lantern fans two one shots featuring two of the more beloved alien Lanterns from the Green Lantern mythos: Kilowog and Tomar Re.

Naturally, a Kilowog story written by Peter J. Tomasi, the scribe of the “Green Lantern Corps” and “Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors” titles, should be a decent read. Unfortunately, the book spends so much time trying to establish characters, attitudes, and correlations between comic book character and feature film interpretation that it doesn’t offer much of a Kilowog story.

All we glean of ‘Wog from this issue is how much of a reputation he has. Tomasi gives us a sense that not everyone in the Green Lantern Corps believes that Kilowog deserves the reputation he has. That leads to a predictable adventure wherein Kilowog proves that he’s always right, or something vaguely similar to that. Along the way, Tomasi drops in Kilowog’s trademark pet name for his charges and also shares the rumor that Kilowog is the only member of the Corps whose ring makes a sound when he fires it. Otherwise, this story doesn’t do much in terms of establishing Kilowog.

Canuck star Reynolds feelin' 'Green'

LOS ANGELES -- The only thing more hazardous than saving the universe? Pretending to.

(As any dim kid who ever tied a cape to his neck and triumphantly jumped off a rooftop can attest.)

Few know this better than Vancouver's Ryan Reynolds, sufficiently bruised and battered from his starring role as a power ring-wielding warrior in the interstellar action-adventure Green Lantern.

"It's probably the lamest super-power on Earth: I can separate my shoulder on demand," he says, referring to an injury he sustained.

"(Director) Martin Campbell is notorious for pushing everyone. You'll have done a stunt you can't believe you've completed -- you'll literally want them to show you the film back so you can put it on your epitaph -- and then Martin will come up to you and say, 'Let's do it again, full speed.' "

Opening late Thursday night, Lantern is Hollywood's latest hoped-for, comics-based cash-cow during a summer teeming with Asgardian gods and feuding mutants.

Reynolds, 34, stars as Hal Jordan, a reckless but gifted test pilot with a tragic past chosen to become the first human to join the Green Lantern Corps.

The cast includes Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) as Hal's on-and-off-again love interest, Carol Ferris; Mark Strong as Sinestro, the red-skinned leader of the Lanterns; and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, a scientist infected by an ancient, fear-feeding entity called Parallax. Campbell is no stranger to creating -- and re-creating -- action franchises; he helmed Goldeneye and Casino Royale, both of which introduced new James Bonds.

Green Lantern rings the changes

Watch Green Lantern Online - Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth in the new film

THAT the Warner Brothers summer blockbuster is another superhero film is hardly surprising. That they have chosen to adapt Green Lantern is perhaps a less obvious decision.

To date, most big budget superhero films have featured characters with a degree of recognition in the wider public beyond the comic-book fans. You don't need to be queuing outside Forbidden Planet every Wednesday to know who Superman or Batman or Spider-Man or The Hulk is – they have, almost by a process of osmosis, seeped into popular culture. More than just visibility, the prospective film audience would have more than an inking of the mythology about the character; in part because those stories have been relatively consistent across the 50-odd years they've existed as comic books.